DiveTribe Photos

Above are some great shots taken at one of our favorite sites off Oahu. The  LCU, or Landing Craft Utility,  was purposely sunk here, but it ended up, upside-down.  This creates a fantastic cathedral effect under the ship where white tipped reef sharks like to hang out.  It sits in about 90 feet of water and you can see anything here from spotted eagle rays to the very rare humpback whale swim by.

Below is another great site used often for training dives due to its shallow 35-40 foot max depth,
Koko Craters.  Here you will often find turtles, or honu as we call them in Hawaii, sergeant major fish, Hawaiian dascyllus, and of course the cool statues.

We are a family oriented dive company for people who love to dive or want to learn. We specialize in small group instruction and personalized dive experiences. Our primary instructor, John Miller, is a three time PADI Platinum Course Director whose motto is "Relax, Be Safe and Have Fun."
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