Tribal Team Leaders

John - PADI Platinum Course Director

  -John grew up in southwest Florida and was certified in 1986 earning his open and advance open water ratings, along with several specialties.  He spent  most of his summers diving in the Florida Keys and throughout  the Caribbean.  John's job moved his family to Hawaii in 2010 and he could not have been happier to be back on the water.  He quickly went from an Advanced Open Water certification to Divemaster to receiving his Course Director Rating in the summer of 2014.  His passion is infectious and his high level of instruction and attention to his students shows in the number of students that come back time and again to learn more. 

Donna - Master Instructor
 -Donna grew up near Daytona Beach, Florida and has loved the ocean and the sun for as long as she can remember.  However, the fear of going under the water kept her topside for many years.  The family move to Hawaii changed all that.  She quickly tired of being the one on the boat missing all the fun and decided to face her fears.  She is now proud to be an instructor and has 1400+ dives under her belt!!  She is a great resource for those students who are a little(or a lot) apprehensive and is able to say she has truly been there.  Donna, now, can not imagine not diving and hopes to make up for all the years spent above water!

Megan - Instructor
 -Megan is definitely an ocean lover.  She paddled outrigger canoes for both Hui Nalu and Kaiser High School and loves to surf, body board and just spend time at the beach.  She has taken a little more convincing to go below the surface, but she has progressed quickly becoming a Master Scuba Diver and is now an Open Water Scuba Instructor with over 140 dives!  She especially likes checking out the critters and is not afraid to get near any wildlife, even an octopus or sea urchin.

Michael - Divemaster
 -Michael is an adventurous young man who loves to learn and show off his skills in the water.  He got certified January of 2012 and has over 150 dives after our recent trip to Palau!  He likes to demonstrate giant strides and back rolls off the boat.  Also, the occasional front flip at the end of the dive after shedding his gear!  He continues to learn and enrolls in nearly every class that is being taught.
Master Scuba Divers
The following individuals have reached the highest non professional level in the PADI System of diver education, meaning they have acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

Glenn Benjamin Suzanne Field
 Tammy Keller
 Ray Keller
Justin Kicos
Terry Klapakis
 Donna Miller
 Austin Olson

 Boyd Bingham
Hank Holliday   Matt Wilkinson  Michael Miller
Drew Long Jake Aitaro Rachel Von Hoene 
 kaylee kicos
Brian Kappelmann  Megan Miller     

We are a family oriented dive company for people who love to dive or want to learn. We specialize in small group instruction and personalized dive experiences. Our primary instructor, John Miller, is a three time PADI Platinum Course Director whose motto is "Relax, Be Safe and Have Fun."
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